Project Property is a property investment specialist with over 20 years of experience in international property investments.

We specialise in identifying the latest opportunities for investors, of all levels, across the globe through property investment. Our experience, integrity and quality of service are major factors that make us different from everyone. We have over the years helped investors build substantial property portfolios from our handpicked sourced investment opportunities.

From our extensive experience on the global property market we look to many differentiating factors that include personal and tax liabilities that will enhance the profitability of your investment. We understand that not all investors have the exact same wishes in what they want to achieve so we have put together a portfolio that covers the main criteria of property investing.

Our property portfolios are created through extensive due diligence processes and we only work with developers who have proven track records of consistently delivering projects on time and who are also able to prove their financial status. With this, we will only recommend opportunities that we have extensively scrutinised and looked at any potential risks.

Currently the portfolios we are offering have a mixture of high guaranteed rental returns with a guaranteed buy back and investments on luxury island paradises that offer guaranteed annual returns, proven track record of capital growth and 5 weeks personal use, even an investor needs to take a holiday!

If you are looking to start a property investment portfolio or diversify and build from your existing portfolio contact us today.